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President Bush’s UN Speech: Idealistic Rhetoric Disguises Sinister Policies
22 September 2004

Commentators in the mainstream media seem genuinely perplexed over the polite but notably unenthusiastic reception given to President George W. Bush’s September 21 address before the United Nations General Assembly. Why wasn’t a speech that emphasized such high ideals as democracy, the rule of law, and the threat of terrorism better received?

Is Kerry Really More Open than Bush to Alternative Foreign Policy Perspectives?
15 September 2004

Some progressive supporters of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry have argued that, despite his support for the invasion of Iraq and other neoconservative-driven foreign policies of the Bush Administration, at least a President Kerry – unlike the incumbent president – would be more willing to listen to the views of those with more moderate perspectives than himself.

International Law, The U.N., and MIddle Eastern Conflicts
9 September 2004

Peace Review Sep 04 Int’l Law, UN and ME Conflicts (PDF)

How Kerry’s Foreign Policies Leave Him Vulnerable to Republican Attacks
3 September 2004

The only people who could possibly be swayed by the unfair and misleading attacks on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry put forward by speakers at the Republican National Convention (particularly Vice-President Dick Cheney and Georgia Senator Zell Miller) would be those with little understanding of contemporary strategic issues and modern diplomatic history.