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Defending Israeli War Crimes
28 May 2009

In response to a series of reports by human rights organizations and international legal scholars documenting serious large-scale violations of international humanitarian law by Israeli armed forces in its recent war on the Gaza Strip, 10 U.S. state attorneys general sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defending the Israeli action. It is […]

Hawkish Union Leaders Hurting Teachers and Your Kid
25 May 2009

Despite a new presidential administration and an expanded Democratic majority in Congress, teachers and their unions are under unprecedented assault through budget cuts and so-called reform efforts geared toward giving corporations increased access to, and management responsibilities for, public schools….

Hillary Clinton’s First 100 Days
25 May 2009

Hillary Clinton has received mixed though generally favorable reviews, both internationally and domestically, during her first 100 days as secretary of state. Public opinion polls in the United States give her a more than 70 percent-positive rating….

Panel Talk with Naomi Klein and Matt Rothschild: Challenging U.S. Empire (video)
14 May 2009

The Progressive Magazine’s 100th Anniversary Conference.