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News on Syria? Why Are Left Activists Falling For Fake News On Syria? (18 April 2018)
With ISIS In Retreat Why is the Syria War Expanding? (14 February 2018)
Trump’s Announcement of Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem (6 December 2017)
Trump Alludes To Force In Responding To Syria Chemical Attack (6 April 2017)
The problem with leftist support for Syria’s Assad regime (13 February 2017)
Possible Iraqi retaliation to Trump immigration restrictions (30 January 2017)
Africa’s Last Colony: Western Saharan Independence Movement Mourns Loss of Polisario Front Leader (2 June 2016)
The 2013 Nobel Prizes Explained (video) (21 October 2013)
Chemical Weapons Watchdog Wins Nobel Peace Prize as U.S. Opposes Calls for WMD-Free Middle East (Video) (11 October 2013)
Interview: “Blowback’s revenge” (video) (27 September 2013)
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U.S. and Allies’ Bombing of Syria (17 April 2018)
Global Journalist: Egypt’s Staged Election (9 March 2018)
Trump’s Embassy Move and other Dangerous Policies (30 January 2018)
Crisis over Qatar (16 June 2017)
The U.S. in the Middle East (21 April 2017)
Trump Bombs Syria: Now What? (13 April 2017)
Syria: What You Need to Know (13 April 2017)
Trump’s Dangerous and Cynical Attack on Syria (12 April 2017)
Panel discussion on Trump’s foreign policy agenda (6 February 2017)
Panel discussion: 2016 year in review (28 December 2016)
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