US’s Support for Invasions Should Disqualify It From Leading on Russia-Ukraine
26 January 2022

The United States and Russia are heading toward a dangerous showdown over Ukraine, as the U.S. has 8,500 troops on high alert, ready to deploy to Eastern Europe should Russia invade Ukraine, and a new round of arms shipments have begun arriving in Ukraine.

Biden’s Dangerous Refusal to Reverse Trump’s Western Sahara Policy
21 January 2022

In his final weeks in office, President Donald Trump stunned the international community in formally recognizing Western Sahara as part of Morocco. Morocco has occupied much of its southern neighbor since 1975, when it invaded and annexed the former Spanish colony in defiance of the United Nations Security Council and a landmark ruling of the International Court of Justice.

US Western Sahara stance emboldens Putin
7 January 2022

The threat of further Russian aggression against Ukraine is very real. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is in a weak position to lead an international response.

Harry Reid’s Hawkish Foreign Policy Record
3 January 2022

The death of former Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid of Nevada has brought forth praise for his parliamentary skills, which helped make possible some critically important legislation, as well as preventing the passage of a number of seriously problematic bills. However, on the foreign policy front, it should be noted that Reid not only failed to challenge dangerous Republican initiatives that violated fundamental principles of international law and human rights, he was often among their most prominent supporters.

The Pentagon Doesn’t Care About Civilian Casualties
26 November 2021

In August 2019, thousands of refugees, prisoners, and families of ISIS fighters crowded into an encampment in the border town of Baghuz in eastern Syria, one of the last territories controlled by the so-called Islamic State. The United States, supported on the ground by an allied Kurdish and Arab militia, launched a massive air assault on the enclave.

Biden and Other Democrats Helped Colin Powell Spread George W. Bush’s Iraq Lies
19 October 2021

While the death of former Secretary of State and retired Gen. Colin Powell has elicited praise-filled eulogies in the mainstream media and officials in Washington, many Americans still carry bitter feelings over Powell’s support for the illegal, unnecessary and predictably disastrous war in Iraq. In particular, critics cite his February 2003 speech before the United […]

US Policy Toward Afghanistan Was a Recipe for Collapse From the Start
17 August 2021

We must not allow the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan to be used to rewrite history and teach the wrong lessons.

Have ‘Human Shields’ Accusations Become an Excuse for War Crimes?
17 June 2021

photos of dead Palestinian children on the front page of The New York Times to gripping accounts of people digging through the wreckage of high-rise apartment complexes and office buildings, evidence of last month’s horrific death toll from Israel’s eleven-day bombing campaign was hard to deny.

The United States’ Imperial Foreign Policy Is the Deadly Enemy of Progress at Home
14 June 2021

So explained a well-known artist, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, as he sat in the tiny “safe room” (in fact, the bathroom) of his Jaffa apartment, chatting over WhatsApp during the latest flare-up of extreme violence in the Holy Land. Rampaging mobs of right-wing Jews marauded through the neighborhood below his window while missiles shot […]

Scope with Waqar Rizvi | G7 SUMMIT 2021 | Episode 416 | Indus News
12 June 2021