Suggested lecture topics

Suggested lecture topics by Professor Zunes include the following:

The Trump Administration and the Middle East

U.S. Policy towards Israel/Palestine and Fading Hopes for a Two-State Solution

The Syrian Tragedy: Causes, Consequences, and U.S. Policy

ISIS: Causes, Consequences, and What to Do Now

Iraq’s Ongoing War: Causes and U.S. Options

Libya’s Disintegration and the U.S. Role

Syria: Opposing the Regime, ISIS, and Military Intervention

United States and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: Help or Hindrance

Nonviolent Action and the Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East

Iran: The Struggles for Democracy, Non-proliferation, and Non-intervention

The Iraq War: Legacy and Consequences

What Next in Afghanistan?

Egypt’s Struggle for Democracy

We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges: U.S. Middle East Policy and International Law

Are We Secure Yet?: U.S. Middle East Policy and the War on Terrorism

Peace or Pax Americana: The U.S. Role in the Middle East

United States and the Destabilization of Lebanon

Understanding Political Islam

Human Rights, Democracy and U.S Middle East Policy

Challenging the Threat of Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East

The Other Occupation: The Struggle over Western Sahara

How Anti-Jewish and Anti-Arab Bigotry in the West Undermine Middle East Peace

How to Build a Popular U.S. Movement for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

People Power Movements and the Power of Nonviolent Action

The United States and Pro-Democracy Movements