Debate: Israel’s War on Gaza (audio)
24 January 2009

Shared Sacrifice

Professor Jason Steck, Department of Political Science, Creighton University, will debate Professor Stephen Zunes, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of San Francisco, on the topic of Israel’s recent military actions in Gaza.

Interview: The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza (audio)
14 January 2009

Voices of the Middle East

Interview: Obama’s foreign policy appointments (audio)
11 January 2009

Redeye: Vancouver Cooperative Radio

Secretary of State nominee Hilary Clinton supported the Iraq War from Day One and has denounced Obama’s intention to negotiate with Iran. Secretary of Defence Robert Gates is an advocate of continuing the war in Iraq. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is known for his unswerving support of Israel. To discuss what these and other appointments will mean for U.S. foreign policy, we speak with Stephen Zunes, professor of politics at the University of San Francisco.

Interview: U.S. Policy and the Rise of Hamas (audio)
5 January 2009

Free Radio Santa Cruz

Interview: U.S. Intelligence Report Challenges Bush Confrontational Iran Policy (audio)
14 December 2007

Between the Lines

Interview: Iran, the Middle East and the Truth about Nuclear Proliferation (audio)
19 August 2005

New Focus Radio

Part 1:

Part 2:

Lecture: The U.S. in the Middle East: Iraq, Terrorism and the Quest for Security (audio)
18 November 2002

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

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U.S. Aid to Israel: Interpreting the “Strategic Relationship” (audio)
26 July 2001

The Evolution of U.S. Policy on Jerusalem: International Law versus the Rule of Force (audio)
26 July 2001