Zunes on Khashoggi, Trump, Saudi Arabia, and more
22 October 2018

Bill Resnick talks to Stephen Zunes, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco, about the torture/murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Trump administration and the new Saudi Crown Prince, and about what might be done (and is happening) across the planet to save the Middle East and ourselves.

Solidarity House #2 — Luke . . . I Am Your Comrade
24 September 2018

Skully and Yana free a trapped skunk, and deal with mold in the basement. Jibran and Matt interview foreign policy scholar Stephen Zunes on Yemen and the supression of nonviolent alternatives in the Middle East. Matt reads a post from Caitlin Myer. There is music.

Analyst Stephen Zunes Looks At The Middle East
17 May 2018

What is going on in Israel-Palestine? This week, mass Palestinian protests at the fences around Gaza have been met with violence from the Israel military. Thursday host Allen Ruff speaks with expert Stephen Zunes as they go beyond the mainstream headlines about the Middle East.

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