Interview: Commentary on the OPCW and the Nobel Peace Prize (audio)
27 October 2013

FSN Reports

A five-minute radio interview on FSN Reports about the OPCW winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Zunes’ section begins just before the 13:00 mark

The Deteriorating Situation in Libya (audio)
22 October 2013

China Radio International

The kidnapping and brief detention of the Libyan prime minister Ali Zeidan a couple of weeks back probably marked one of the lowest points for the civilian government in this vast country where, in the post-Gaddafi lawlessness, the situation seems to deteriorate by the week. It was also probably the point which showed the world just how prominent and daring these militias and various tribes are.

Interview: Dr. Stephen Zunes previews Obama’s Speech on Syria (audio)
10 September 2013

WTOP Radio

Dr. Stephen Zunes previews the President Obama’s speech on the Syrian dilemma

Pacifica Radio Network KPFA : Analysis of Obama’s Speech (audio)
10 September 2013


Dr. Stephen Zunes is joins Pacifica Radio Network in analyzing President Obama’s speech over potential strikes in Syria

Left Voices Interview: Will Diplomatic Openings Avert a US Military Strike Against Syria? (audio)
10 September 2013

Left Voices

Dr. Stephen Zunes talks about the possible negotiated settlement over Syria’s chemical weapons and efforts to prevent U.S. military intervention

Interview on KQED’s “Forum”: Congress Set to Vote on Syria Strikes (audio)
9 September 2013


Dr. Stephen Zunes talks with a panel that includes, David Mark, editor-in-chief of Politix, an online community focusing on national politics, and former senior editor with Politico, Robert Danin, senior fellow for Middle East and Africa studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Steve Weber, professor of political science at UC Berkeley and author of books including “The End of Arrogance, America and the Global Competition of Ideas”, about the vote to strike Syria.

Interview: On the Possible Intervention in Syria (audio)
28 August 2013

Wisconsin Public Radio

Interview: 89.3 KPCC (National Public Radio Los Angeles): “What should be the US’s next step in Syria?” (audio)
28 August 2013

89.3 KPCC (NPR)

Dr. Stephen Zunes talks about Syria and how the situation should be handled

Interview: INN World Report (audio)
23 August 2013

INN World Report

Dr. Stephen Zune’s commentary on Egypt and other topics begins at the 36-minute mark

Interview: WNUR-FM (audio)
21 August 2013

WNUR-FM Chicago

Dr. Stephen Zunes discusses the Bradley Manning verdict beginning at the 15:30 minute mark