The Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya and Anti-American Protests Sweeping the Middle East (audio)
14 September 2012


Letters and Politics (audio)
12 September 2012


On Letters & Politics, Philip Maldari of KPFA speaks with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies and Stephen Zunes professor at Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco about the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Lybia. Also Mitch Jeserich interviews Laurence Shoup author of Rulers & Rebels, A People’s History of Early California, 1769-1901.

Africa Today (audio)
10 September 2012


Interview: KPFA Flashpoints (audio)
20 August 2012


Interview: Saturday Morning Talkies (audio)
21 July 2012


Interview: US intervention in Syria could lead to ‘Messy Situation’ (audio)
20 July 2012

Australia Radio

Interview: Arab Revolutions, U.S. Middle East Policy, Iran, and Israel-Palestine (audio)
11 July 2012

Arab Voices Radio

A live discussion with professor Zunes about the current uprisings in the Middle East and nonviolent movements; the foreign intervention by the U.S., Europe, China, Russia and others in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and other Arab countries; the ongoing war rhetoric against Iran by the U.S. and Israel; the recent H.R. resolution 4133 that passed by a vote of 411-2 described by Zunes as “a dangerous piece of legislation which would undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, weaken Israeli moderates and peace advocates, undercut international law, further militarize the Middle East, and make Israel ever more dependent on the United States”; the prospects for real peace in the Middle East; and much more.

Interview: Libyan National Assembly Election (audio)
10 July 2012

China Radio International

Interview: U.S. Mid-East Policy in Relation to the Ongoing Uprising in Bahrain (audio)
5 July 2012

Radio Free Santa Cruz

Interview: Why to Oppose Military Intervention in Syria
29 May 2012

Radio Free Santa Cruz