George H W Bush’s Legacy and US Wars in the Middle East
3 December 2018

The Day Dreamers Show Topic: USA Policy Towards Israel & Palestine
2 July 2018

Dr. Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he serves as coordinator of the program in Middle Eastern Studies. Recognized as one the country’s leading scholars of U.S. Middle East policy and of strategic nonviolent action, Professor Zunes serves as a senior policy analyst for […]

The Robust Opposition: The Modern History of Israel/Palestine
19 May 2018

News on Syria? Why Are Left Activists Falling For Fake News On Syria?
18 April 2018

Professor Stephen Zunes addresses both why the U.S. bombing was wrong but challenges those on the left who deny the chemical weapons attacks too place and refuse to acknowledge other war crimes by the Syrian regime.

With ISIS In Retreat Why is the Syria War Expanding?
14 February 2018

Despite the fact that Islamic State forces have retreated, the complicated war in Syria appears to be expanding rather than wrapping up.

Trump’s Announcement of Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
6 December 2017

Problems with asserting Israel’s exclusive control of the multi-faith multi-ethnic city.

Trump Alludes To Force In Responding To Syria Chemical Attack
6 April 2017

More than a hundred people were killed in a chemical attack in Khan Shaikhoun, Syria this week. Among the dead are a dozen or so children. Turkish doctors have conducted autopsies confirming that chemical weapons were used in the worst such attack in years.

The problem with leftist support for Syria’s Assad regime
13 February 2017

Despite his country being in the throes of one of the worst wars of our time, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad unveiled a statue of his late father, Hafez Assad, in Hama, one of the birthplaces of the rebellion against his rule. There is currently a tenuous ceasefire in place between Assad and the rebel […]

Possible Iraqi retaliation to Trump immigration restrictions
30 January 2017

Iraq’s parliament has voted in favor of demanding the government respond in kind to the US visa ban on Iraqi nationals.

Africa’s Last Colony: Western Saharan Independence Movement Mourns Loss of Polisario Front Leader
2 June 2016

President Abdelaziz was not a defining figure in the revolution. I mean, he was not the equivalent of Ho Chi Minh or Fidel Castro or Mao Zedong. The Polisario has traditionally practiced more of a collective leadership. At the same time, he played a very important role in terms of holding the movement together through a long and arduous struggle. Unlike many liberation struggles, it did not split into factions. They were able to keep a cohesive unit, both during the armed struggle against Morocco and subsequently in the diplomatic efforts to win recognition of so many countries, to keep the issue, if not on the front pages here in the United States, at least in the United Nations and various regional organizations. And we’re seeing the beginnings of an international solidarity movement, as well.