Interview: Hillary Clinton Visits Egypt (video)
19 July 2012

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Ideas for Organizing Around Palestinian Rights (video)
30 April 2012

Part 1
Part 2

Interview: Dr. Stephen Zunes at USF (video)
4 April 2012

Right Now

Interview with Dr Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of San Francisco. Filmed in conjunction with the Castan Centre for Human Rights 2012 Lecture: Nonviolent resistance in the Middle East

CrossTalk on Yemen: Rise of Al-Qaeda? (video)
25 February 2012

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U.S. Israeli Assault on Iran: Danger of War Grows (video)
24 January 2012

The danger of a U.S.-Israeli war on Iran is escalating rapidly. The U.S. and its allies are ramping up their all-around assault on Iran, including new crippling sanctions, and openly threatening to attack. Ground is being laid daily in the headlines and statements by politicians of every stripe in mainstream U.S. politics calling for aggression against Iran?all justified by unsubstantiated assertions that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. The nuclear issue, however, is not the underlying factor intensifying the U.S.-Iran clash. That conflict is part of something much larger: a sharpening battle for dominant influence across the entire region, a battle with profound global implications.
Dr. Stephen Zunes begins at 24:30

Taking Stock of Peace – Inspiration from Peace Movements Worldwide
30 October 2011


Berkeley, CA

Shallow Commitment (video)
24 May 2011

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Dr. Stephen Zunes appears in the second video

Strategic Non-Violence in the Middle East (video)
30 April 2011

University of Arizona

Ask the Faculty: Stephen Zunes
25 April 2011

University of San Francisco series

CrossTalk on Arab Awakening: Burying Bahrain (video)
22 April 2011

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