Strategic Non-Violence in the Middle East (video)
30 April 2011

University of Arizona

Ask the Faculty: Stephen Zunes
25 April 2011

University of San Francisco series

CrossTalk on Arab Awakening: Burying Bahrain (video)
22 April 2011

RT News

Video interview: Obama Visits Concentration Camp in Germany (video)
8 June 2009

RT News

After a speech to the Muslim world, President Obama makes symbolic and politically-minded visit to a Nazi concentration camp, says professor Stephen Zunes, politics and international studies at San Fancisco University.

Panel Talk with Naomi Klein and Matt Rothschild: Challenging U.S. Empire (video)
14 May 2009

The Progressive Magazine’s 100th Anniversary Conference.

Video interview: A New Political Moment for Empire (video)
24 March 2009

Institute on Foreign Policy

John Feffer of Foreign Policy In Focus interviews professor Stephen Zunes about the role of the U.S. in the world under the Obama administration. Will the U.S. empire roll back or continue on?

Video interview: Biden and the anti-war constituency
27 August 2008

The Real News

Stephen Zunes: Obama’s anti-Iraq war stance wiped out by choosing hawk Biden

Video interview: The Politics of the U.S. Recognition of Serbia
26 February 2008

The Real News

Stephen Zunes: Along with the right to self-determination comes the principle of territorial integrity.

Lecture: Western Sahara and International Law (video)
7 April 2007

The University of Melbourne School of Law (November 2007)

Launch of a new book including Stephen Zunes: ‘International Law and the Question of Western Sahara’ (editors: Karin Arts, Pedro Pinto Leite)

Lecture video: Occupation and the Attack on International Law
9 December 2005

University Heights Center (Seattle, WA)