Divesting from All Occupations

Foreign Policy In Focus/Institute for Policy Studies July 25, 2012.
[Republished by Transnational.org et al.]
In response to ongoing violations of international law and basic human rights by the rightist Israeli government of Benyamin Netanyahu in the occupied West Bank and elsewhere, there has been a growing call for divestment of stocks in corporations supporting the occupation… Still, the campaign has scored notable successes…

Sudan’s protests become civil insurrection

Open Democracy 6 July 2012
Also by CETRI Le Sud en mouvement (Belgium)
A growing anti-government movement consisting of nonviolent demonstrations as well as scattered rioting is beginning to threaten the Sudanese dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir, an indicted war criminal, who has ruled this large North African nation for twenty-three years. Beginning as protests against strict austerity measures imposed three weeks ago, the chants of the protesters have escalated to “the people want to overthrow the regime,” the line heard in recent uprisings in other Arab countries, including Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and Syria. Could Sudan be the next Arab country in which an autocratic government is brought down in a largely nonviolent civil insurrection?