Egypt’s military government increases repression amid growing paranoia

Santa Cruz Sentinel & National Catholic Reporter February 28, 2014
Since the military coup in Egypt against the unpopular but democratically elected government of Mohammed Morsi last July, more than 1,000 regime opponents have been killed, thousands more have been hauled before military courts on political charges, and a repressive anti-protest law has been enacted, severely limiting the right of peaceful assembly. The targets of this crackdown have not just been supporters of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood government, but liberal secular activists whose calls for democracy and social justice have put them at odds with both the Islamists and the military leadership.

Egyptian Junta Claims U.S. Conspiracy While Accepting U.S. Support

Foreign Policy In Focus February 21, 2014
[Republished by Common Dreams]
   Egypt’s U.S.-backed regime now claims that the progressive, anti-authoritarian activists that brought down Mubarak are simply U.S. agents. Three years ago, three Arab dictators were ousted in the largely nonviolent uprisings of what has become known as the Arab Spring. In Tunisia, with the adoption of a progressive democratic draft constitution, the future in that country is looking positive. In Yemen, the democratic evolution remains stagnant amid enormous challenges, but there are still signs of hope. In Egypt, however, autocratic rule has reasserted itself with a vengeance.

How to discredit your democratic opponents in Egypt

Open Democracy February 17, 2014
[Republished by International Center on Nonviolent Conflict]
   The Egyptian military regime is pushing conspiracy theories to discredit their democratic, non-violent opponents. Aiming at several birds with one stone, with respect to their US backers, they are trying to have it both ways at once. Democracy and non-violence will fight back. The brutal crackdown on both Islamist and secular oppositionists by the US-backed Egyptian military junta has taken on a bizarre twist: using government-controlled media to promote long-discredited conspiracy theories originally put forward by ultra-left fringe groups.

Barker’s Bizarre Attacks against Progressive Scholars and Proponents of Nonviolent Resistance

The Real News Network January 15, 2014
Michael Barker, in an article posted on this site a few days ago, takes offense at my labeling him as someone “notorious” for “conspiracy-mongering.”  However, a careful reading of his article and its links actually reinforces that argument. At the outset, Barker questions my assertion that my colleagues and I are genuinely upset at the Stratfor revelations regarding Serbian nonviolent activist Srdja Popovic because he “is still included upon the advisory board of Waging Nonviolence…