INTERVIEW: Trump ‘Peace Plan,’Middle East Update with Stephen Zunes

A “peace plan” for Israel-Palestine? War on Iran? A way out of Afghanistan? East-West Conflict Over Syria?
Of all the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of a president, it has long been clear that foreign policy is beyond Trump’s abilities. Woefully ignorant before taking office, he has done nothing to learn. And it shows. There are numerous tinderbox situations in the region, all made more dangerous by Trump’s impulsive, ill-informed actions. For this edition of we’ll take an authoritative look at the region’s many hot spots.
March 5, 2020 (58-min. video): Other Voices TV, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, hosted by Paul George, Director Emeritus, with Midpen Media Center, Palo Alto

Interview: Today’s US-Iran Crisis Is Rooted in the Decision to Invade Iraq

Truthout January 20, 2020 also at
The ramifications of the illegal, unnecessary and predictably tragic U.S. decision to invade Iraq are still with us. This includes the ongoing crisis with Iran, which brought us perilously close to all-out war in early January, resulted in the tragic downing of a civilian airliner and remains in a hair-trigger situation. [FULL LINK]

Interview: Proof that Soleimani killed hundreds of Americans is “groundless” says Middle East expert

WMNF FM January 10. 2020: The claim that General Soleimani and the Iranian government are somehow responsible for the deaths of “hundreds of Americans” in Iraq—which has been repeated by Republicans, some Democrats and the mainstream media—appears to be groundless, according to Stephen Zunes, a professor of politics and coordinator of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. His new piece for The Progressive Magazine says there is zero evidence Soleimani killed hundreds of Americans…
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There Is Zero Actual Evidence Iran Is Responsible for Killing Hundreds of Americans, January 7, 2020 & Republished by:, and (Fresno)
The assertions being repeated today seem based on apparently groundless claims from twelve years ago by the same people who said Iraq possessed weapons, weapons programs, and weapons systems that were such a grave threat that they ignited the U.S.-Iraq war… [Full Article]