Have ‘Human Shields’ Accusations Become an Excuse for War Crimes?

In The Progressive, June 17, 2021. The implications for U.S. policy are concerning. The House-passed resolution in July 2014, which absolved Israel for responsibility for the large-scale civilian casualties inflicted by its armed forces in Gaza due to the alleged use of human shields by Hamas, also declared (correctly in these cases) that “Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Islamic State… [FULL LINK]

United States’ Imperial Foreign Policy Is the Deadly Enemy of Progress at Home

The US military spends trillions on death abroad that could be spent on improving life back home.

“It’s hazoy [hallucinatory] — f**king hazoy.”
So explained a well-known artist, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, as he sat in the tiny “safe room” (in fact, the bathroom) of his Jaffa apartment, chatting over WhatsApp during the latest flare-up of extreme violence in the Holy Land. Rampaging mobs of right-wing Jews marauded through the neighborhood below his window while missiles shot from Gaza screamed overhead. [FULL LINK]

Gaza/Israel! CalMatters!

KPFA FM Radio June 2, 2021:
Stephen Zunes, internationally recognized expert on the Middle East, gives his analysis of the past, present and future of Gaza/ Israel. PLUS: we catch up with happenings in the Golden State with CalMatters. Hosted by Kris Welch. [LISTEN NOW]

Professor Stephen Zunes on Gaza, the US, and Israel

“The extreme disproportionate firepower of the Israelis is really staggering. We’re looking at a 20:1 ratio in terms of casualties and many times greater than even that in terms of physical destruction of civilian infrastructure. And, given that the United States is the provider of many of the weapons and delivery systems that were used in the Israeli offensive, the United States bears special responsibility…”