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Interview: A Beacon of Hope in Troubled Times; Stephen Zunes

Resource Center for Nonviolence, January 11, 2024; 25 min. on YouTube.

In an era marked by escalating tensions and complex geopolitical dynamics, the Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV) remains steadfast in its mission to foster peace and justice through understanding. Upholding the philosophy of nonviolence and the values of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Beloved Community, RCNV is hosting a pivotal event, “Shadows of War: Decoding U.S. Role in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict,” featuring the esteemed Professor Stephen Zunes, a leading authority on Middle Eastern politics and U.S. foreign policy.
During an insightful conversation with RCNV’s Executive Director, Silvia Morales, Professor Zunes shared his nuanced understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict and its alignment with RCNV’s principles of nonviolence and justice. Reflecting on the Jewish community’s involvement in RCNV and their connection to Israel, Zunes observed, “Jews have played a disproportionate role in RCNV leadership and activism. Jews feel an attachment to the state, often rationalizing war crimes committed by Israel.” His perspective resonates with RCNV’s long-standing approach to international conflicts, emphasizing human rights and international law over ideological debates.

Interview: To the Brink of War with No Upside Podcast, January 17, 2020:
Download the MP3 or Read the Full Transcript
Middle East scholar Stephen Zunes debunks the Trump administration’s changing rationale for assassinating Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s response, and the risk of war. Among his intriguing claims:

  • Too little is said about Democrats’ role  in the hostilities
  • The exact same beefs the US has with Iran apply equally to many American allies
  • Evidence does not support Trump’s key assertions about the Iranian general whose death he ordered.

US Has Redefined ‘Human Shields’ to Enable Israel’s Slaughter of Gaza Civilians

Truthout March 22, 2024: The civilian death rate from the United States-backed Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip is the highest of any conflict since the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Rather than demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Gaza in return for the release of Israeli hostages, President Joe Biden has vetoed multiple UN Security Council resolutions, rejected calls by progressive members of Congress to condition military aid, and used emergency powers to bypass public and congressional oversight to send additional bombs and missiles… [Full Link]

Russia & US Abuse UN Veto Power

Inter Press Service February 27, 2024: How both Russia and the United States abuse their veto power at the United Nations
(Dr. Stephen Zunes is quoted midway).
Russia vs Ukraine and Israel vs Hamas—have exposed once again the stark reality that the UN, created 79 years ago to maintain international peace and security, has failed in its political mission – while its credibility is at stake. Russia is accused of violating the UN charter by invading a sovereign nation state and causing hundreds and thousands of deaths over two years — with no signs of a peaceful settlement. Accusations against Israel include war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing and disproportionate killings of over 30,000 civilians, mostly women and children in Gaza, in retaliation for 1,200 killings by Hamas last October. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who has taken a rightful stand on the two conflicts, has been criticized by both countries, with Israel calling for his resignation while ignoring his request for a meeting or a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [Source]

US Support for Israel Bolsters its Own Interests:

The Progressive February 27, 2024: The US has long been an international outlier in supporting Israel’s far-right government. On February 20, the Biden Administration cast its third veto in four months to block a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, one of forty-eight vetoes in which it was the only dissenting vote of resolutions challenging Israeli policies in recent decades. US support for Israel validates a fifty-six-year-long occupation coupled with unprecedented violations of international law and human rights standards… The more than $3 billion in military aid sent annually to Israel… far more than to any other country… is rarely questioned in Congress. [Source Link]

Western Sahara/Morocco: 5 Interviews

Professor Stephen Zunes on Western Sahara, Russia, Ukraine, Biden, Israel and Morocco. February 2023

This is a very short segment of a story about Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara on a Swedish television network (in English, 2 min., 02/27/2024).

Interview for a podcast on U.S. policy towards Israel/Palestine and Morocco/Western Sahara:
Part I (37 min) & Part II (20 min) January 2024.

Transcript of interview for La Tribune Diplomatique Internationale (in English) making the links between the Israeli and Moroccan occupations. 01/20/2024

Also see Western Sahara Uncovered, Episode 01: History of Western Sahara (5-min. video below, November 2023)

Israel’s Gaza War: 7 Interviews February 2024

Israel’s Gaza War Lecture & Interviews January 2024

Jan. 11, 2024:  Santa Cruz lecture, “one of my best and most comprehensive–which examines the U.S. role in Israel/Palestine, both historically and in the present, and what we can learn from it.” Sponsored by Resource Center for Nonviolence

Discussion with Silvia Morales, director of the Resource Center for Nonviolence about Israel, Palestine, U.S. policy, and the role of peace and human rights activists: Interview for a podcast on U.S. policy towards Israel/Palestine and Morocco/Western Sahara: Part I & Part II.

Short interview for a Singapore television network on Israel’s assassination of a Hamas leader in Lebanon:

Israel’s War on Gaza: 3 TV & Radio interviews October-December 2023

Israel’s War on Gaza: 11 Zunes’ articles published Oct. 7-Dec. 31, 2023

Political Costs of Biden’s Support for Israel’s War Mount [Source]
U.S. Attacks on the ICJ are a Declaration of Empire [Source]
Biden’s Gaza Failure Could Cost Democrats 2024 Election [Source]
Applying International Law to Israel’s War and Hamas’ Attack [Video & Transcript]
Scholars Weigh in on Gaza-Israel Conflict Counterpunch interview of Professors Zunes and international legal scholar Richard Falk [Princeton] on Israel, Gaza, and U.S. policy, 10/13/2023 [Source]
How U.S. Policy Failures Have Helped Hamas [Source]
Hamas, Israel and the U.S. Have Learned Nothing [Source]
Biden’s Backing Israel War Crimes Carries on Sordid U.S. Tradition [Source]
O Globo, Brazil’s largest newspaper, on Israel’s war on Gaza (English translation and original Portuguese transcript) [Source]
Dr. Zunes is quoted in this Al-Jazeera article: Why are US Republicans pushing for aid to Israel but not Ukraine? [Source]

More Articles and interviews on the Gaza Crisis

US Actions in Yemen Helped Create Current Crisis

The Progressive 02/06/2024: [source].
Plus Five Background Articles: