Mike Pompeo: Trump Is Handing the State Department Over from Exxon Mobil to the Tea Party

In These Times March 14, 2024:
President Trump abruptly fired Rex Tillerson and announced CIA Director Mike Pompeo as his choice to become the next Secretary of State. This decision serves as another disturbing development in the increasingly dangerous foreign policy turn taken by the current administration.
    Pompeo will only reinforce Trump’s most dangerous, reckless and militaristic instincts.
No tears should be shed over the departure of Tillerson, who oversaw the decimation of some of the more responsible agencies of the State Department and the downgrading of its capacity and resources. Tillerson cared little for diplomacy and his close relationships with the leaders of Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other oil-producing autocracies appeared to be little more than a continuation of his agenda as CEO of Exxon Mobil to promote the global production and consumption of fossil fuels.
    Still, when it came to the administration’s foreign policy, Tillerson reportedly helped to keep some of Trump’s most dangerous impulses in check and demonstrated at least some respect for protocol and international cooperation. Pompeo, by contrast, is a right-wing ideologue who will only reinforce Trump’s most dangerous, reckless and militaristic instincts.

The Truth About Nonviolent Movements

In These Times December 17, 2013
Journalists Carl Gibson and Steve Horn have done an important service with their article outlining Serbian activist Srdja Popovic’s inexcusable collaboration with the global intelligence company STRATFOR, and his role in disclosing the activities of movements and activists with whom he has worked. Unfortunately, the article falls into a rather simplistic and reductionist analysis of Popovic’s motivations and, more critically, misrepresents the nature of the popular uprisings in Serbia and other countries. The article also contains a number of factual errors and misleading statements. Even prior to the recent revelations, Popovic’s activities were being increasingly recognized as problematic…