Netanyahu’s Incendiary Speech Blames Palestinians for Holocaust (audio)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said he supports revoking the travel rights of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. The announcement came amid furor over comments he made recently over who was really responsible for the Holocaust.
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Interview: The Impact of Drone Strikes on Yemen (audio)

Uprising Radio August 12, 2013
President Obama has escalated the US’ unspoken war on the Gulf Arab state of Yemen with 9 drone bombing raids in 10 days killing about 3 dozens Yemenis.

The latest strike on Saturday reportedly killed two “suspected Al Qaeda militants.”

The bombings are apparently in response to an Al Qaeda terrorist threat which both the US and Yemeni governments have cited in recent days, and come at the same time as the closures of American embassies in the Middle East and North Africa.

But the people of Yemen are puzzled and more than a little angry about the strikes. Farea al-Muslimi, a Yemeni blogger and activist told the Huffington Post “No one buys the idea that there is a security threat here.”

Al-Muslimi, who has testified in front of the US Congress about the potential blowback from US drone strikes, explained, “When there is a normal war, people can hide, or they can stay away from the military… [b]ut when drones come, you just don’t know when you’ll be next. The fear is incredible.”