Letter: Panetta opposes halting weapons to Israel

Santa Cruz Sentinel Letter to the Editor May 20, 2024:
Once again, our Congressperson Jimmy Panetta is out of step with his constituents.
   Polls show that a majority of Americans, including two-thirds of Democrats, support halting all military aid to Israel as a result of its ongoing war crimes in Gaza. President Biden has refused, however. He has only agreed to suspend one shipment of certain kinds of bombs, such as a notorious 2,000-pound weapon human rights groups have documented as responsible for numerous mass-casualty events, including leveling entire apartment buildings filled with civilians.
   While the vast majority of congressional Democrats approve of Biden’s decision to delay this one shipment, Panetta joined 25 hawkish Democrats in criticizing the president, insisting that his $14 billion of other armaments he is sending to Israel isn’t enough, and he must also deliver these deadly explosives regardless of civilian casualties. Panetta ludicrously claims that withholding these particular bombs goes against Israel’s right to defend itself, buttresses terrorist groups, allows them to steal humanitarian aid, and even emboldens antisemitism.
   We need a congressional representative who cares about international humanitarian law.
— Professor Stephen Zunes, Santa Cruz