Russia & US Abuse UN Veto Power

Inter Press Service February 27, 2024: How both Russia and the United States abuse their veto power at the United Nations
(Dr. Stephen Zunes is quoted midway).
Russia vs Ukraine and Israel vs Hamas—have exposed once again the stark reality that the UN, created 79 years ago to maintain international peace and security, has failed in its political mission – while its credibility is at stake. Russia is accused of violating the UN charter by invading a sovereign nation state and causing hundreds and thousands of deaths over two years — with no signs of a peaceful settlement. Accusations against Israel include war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing and disproportionate killings of over 30,000 civilians, mostly women and children in Gaza, in retaliation for 1,200 killings by Hamas last October. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who has taken a rightful stand on the two conflicts, has been criticized by both countries, with Israel calling for his resignation while ignoring his request for a meeting or a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [Source]