With ISIS In Retreat Why is the Syria War Expanding?

Rising Up with Sonali, February 14, 2018
FEATURING DR. STEPHEN ZUNES – Despite the fact that the Islamic State forces have retreated, the complicated war in Syria appears to be expanding rather than wrapping up. The United States is under fire this week for an attack in Eastern Syria that in first reportedly killed about 100 Syrian national soldiers loyal to President Bashar Al Assad. Now it has emerged that several, possibly dozens, of Russian fighters are among the dead.
The Syrian Air Force reportedly shot down an Israeli fighter jet in recent days, saying it was responding to an Israeli incursion. The clash came after Israel reportedly shot down an Iranian drone coming from Syrian air space. According to Syrian sources, Israel has also tried to raid Syrian military bases.
Turkey has continued its targeting of Kurdish communities in Northern Syria’s newly liberated areas as well.  Instead of the Syrian war winding down, there seems to be an escalation involving an ever-growing number of countries.