Israel’s War on Gaza: 11 Zunes’ articles published Oct. 7-Dec. 31, 2023

Political Costs of Biden’s Support for Israel’s War Mount
U.S. Attacks on the ICJ are a Declaration of Empire
Biden’s Gaza Failure Could Cost Democrats 2024 Election
Applying International Law to Israel’s War and Hamas’ Attack
Scholars Weigh in on Gaza-Israel Conflict Counterpunch interview of Professors Zunes and international legal scholar Richard Falk [Princeton] on Israel, Gaza, and U.S. policy, 10/13/2023
How U.S. Policy Failures Have Helped Hamas
Hamas, Israel and the U.S. Have Learned Nothing
Biden’s Backing Israel War Crimes Carries on Sordid U.S. Tradition
O Globo, Brazil’s largest newspaper, on Israel’s war on Gaza (Portuguese transcript)
Quoted in Al-Jazeera article on Republicans’ support for military aid for Israeli occupation and terror bombing while opposing aid to Ukraine.
13 House Democrats Call for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

More Articles and interviews on the Gaza Crisis