Interview: Scope of Syrian War Widens Following Deadly Israeli Strikes on Damascus (audio)

Free Speech Radio News May 6, 2013

Scope of Syrian war widens following deadly Israeli strikes on Damascus Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus Sunday and late last week. According to a Syrian doctor quoted in the New York Times, at least 100 Syrian soldiers were killed in Sunday’s attack. Also today, a UN human rights commission investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria said that it had “no conclusive findings” on whether the regime of Bashar al Assad or opposition forces had used chemical weapons. The panel is scheduled to release its findings next month. For more on some of these developments, we’re joined by Stephen Zunes, professor of politics and coordinator of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. Read Stephen Zunes’ article, “The US Has No Credibility Dealing With Chemical Weapons” and “The U.S. and Chemical Weapons: No Leg to Stand On.”