Interview: Background Briefing (audio)
4 April 2011

Background Briefing

Interview: Pro-Democracy Struggles in the Middle East (audio)
28 March 2011

World Streams

Interview: (audio)
28 March 2011

World Streams

Interview: Egypt and Middle East: Revolutions 2.0 (audio)
10 March 2011

Commonwealth Club of California

Interview: Departure of Mubarak and the Future of Egypt (audio)
14 February 2011

China Radio International

Interview: Democratic Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt (audio)
3 February 2011

Resource Center for Nonviolence

Interview: Gaza Freedom Flotilla Attack (audio)
31 May 2010

Internet Archive

Interview: The Afghanistan Mess (audio)
10 May 2009

Courage to Resist

“Middle East scholar Dr. Stephen Zunes talks about how U.S. imperial hubris helped create, and continues to deepen and intensify the deadly chaos in Afghanistan. “The war not only was raised some moral and legal questions, but it has not resolved the situation, it has made matters worse. The problem is that there has been a gross oversight on the military side of the equation. The really important issues have been overlooked.”

Debate: Israel’s War on Gaza (audio)
24 January 2009

Shared Sacrifice

Professor Jason Steck, Department of Political Science, Creighton University, will debate Professor Stephen Zunes, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of San Francisco, on the topic of Israel’s recent military actions in Gaza.

Interview: The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza (audio)
14 January 2009

Voices of the Middle East